03 September 2015

Perth WA

Alhamdulillah, finally I owned a space to update little snippets from my Perth cute adventure.

Exactly on 21st August 2015 (0219pm waktu Aussie), a kacak pilot safely landed us in Perth. Yes, each of us display a priceless expressions especially my girls well you know searching for the handsomeman

As usual, we need to pass the immigration part for passport stamping. 

Next, the Australian customs. Australia has a strict security checking upon your arrivals. All travellers need to comply with the requirements before officially entering the Australia.

Your baggage is screened using detector dogs (muslims might be awkward with dogs, but it is a procedure to enter or else hmmmm you know, fly back home). Just relax and let the dog do the work.

Declare everything. You will be given the incoming passenger card (complete onboard) before landing.

Look, the listed item is the strictest checks. 
So, answer it truthfully, then you will be okay. Just okay.

Click HERE for direct link to Australian Government website.

After you passed those lines, then you officially become an illegal tourist in Australia.

Finally !
Sun, sea, shades 
Abundant sunshine plus cold wind blowing must be a suitable relaxing place where you are also served with the picturesque view of turquoise sea water along the coastline.

LocationCottesloe Beach
Perfect spot for swim, surf, picnic. I just cannot resist.
The water was cold but I insists to at least soak my feet.
Rasa rugi kalau tak mandi pantai haritu

Strecthing my weary leg

Location : Bathers beach, Manjaree trails

Manjaree trails are designed alongside a coastline section to bring walkers through a brief glimpse about this area prior to Europian Settlement. 
Please walk alongside and read the history written. 
Some will be on your feet some will be on the board. 
Rugi tak baca 

Click HERE to get a flash information on the history. 

Feed yourself
Location : Kaili's Fish Market Cafe

Everything here seems normal. You can see McDonalds, Paparich, Subway, KFC but no mamak here. Seriously I miss mamak restaurant all time in Perth.

For muslims, it is better for you not to consume the meat - base products here unless you are sure it is slaughtered in the way of Islam. 
Avoid syubhah. 

For our trip, Alhamdulillah we do cook at home with simple dishes. It is advisable for budget travellers (which move in groups) to opt your lodging complete with cookware (If possible, due to higher rental cost) 

Don't miss the seafood dishes if you drop by Fremantle. 
Seriously, freshly served.
Excitement struck me once the seafood platter is in front.  
P/s : Don't trust your butterfly in the stomach. 
At first maybe you are quiet confident to finish all. 
I can't finish it all

Nak makan pakai tangan tapi tak western la camtu !

Perut kenyang lemak menari.
Sit here first and take a photo shoot

Friend zone
Location : Caversham Wildlife Park

Your Perth vacation are not complete if you didn't spend half of your day here at the Caversham Wildlife Park. This is the great place showcasing the native private wildlife collection in Western Australia. Visitors are able to have a closer approach with Australian icons ! The Kangaroo. 

Here are some sorting pictures of me with my 'friends'

JDT Parrot noticed my camera
You are such a photogenic kangaroo ! Love love love
Me : Baaa baaaa white sheep have you any wools ?
They answered : I am not ready to give you mine ~ ~
Malaysia also have snakes
 I have an infinity nose !
Ohh, I smell camera on.
Say hmmmm !
Done, Okay next ! hahaha
Family potrait with the shy little wombat

Location : E - Shed Markets

Enjoy the souvenir shopping for your #villagepeople here at E - shed markets. 
Two shop that will probably fight for visitors attention Aussin (Indonesian dealer) and Megabest (Singaporean Chineese dealer). 

Try not to be overexcited while choosing. Have a baby walk around the shops and their neighbor because different shop offers you with different promotion. Some visitors are interested to buy in bulk whilst some will buy for personal use. Deal the best price for greater satisfaction.

P/s : If you prefer for bulk buying it is worth to buy at the #Aussin market since they offer you bulk price. #Megabes are very worth buying for shirts since they have different kind of trendy and updated images. 

#Megabes owner photoboomed my picture.
I know it is blurred. Do I care ?

Alhamdulillah, my specified money fit for these momento.

Calm, breathe easy.
Location : Blue Boat House, Swan River

Don't judge my journey until you walk my path
The written history of Blue Boat House

Rest like a king
Location : King's park

Spend your time here mesmerizing the splendor scenery of city skyline. Sweeping view of two river connecting each other (Canning River and Swan River) with a relaxing mood of resting ? 
Of course YES !

Perth City Skyline

Location : Ferris Wheel, Fremantle

Catch a ride cost only  $10 per person to experience a spectacular bird's eye view of Fishing Boat Harbour, Rottnest Island, Fremantle town and the Indian Ocean.
Standby your camera on to catch the best out of the best shots from above the sky !

Special thanks to Shahira Aishah for sponsoring me. 
Can I have this as my ring ?
Gondola - mates !

Samsung power
Location : far and wide

University of Wester Australia Clock Tower

Perth City

Chocolateria San Churro

Fremantle City

I love capturing the beauty of flowers

King's Park
Cottesloe Beach

Payung gambar pengarah sikit.
Miss Putri Nur Farah Izzati the Pyramid Conquerer.

Alhamdulillah, I have mark the map once again after Saudi Arabia. 
I am not come from a rich family, but I have been to many countries inside and out of Malaysia. 
I love to travel.
Because I want to make memories all over the world.
And I hope Allah give me a continuous chance to explore HIS creations all over the world.
The view from my seat. Subhanallah.
Till we meet again Perth - ect !!!