19 January 2011

7 secrets of succes..

I found the answers in my room..

* Roof said : aim high
* Fan said : be cool
* Clock said: every minute is precious
* Mirror said: reflect before you act
* Window said: see the world
* Calender said : be up-to-date
* Door said : push hard to receive your goals

For me,
I love to hear the mirror says that we have to reflect yourself before you take an action..
becoz..all you might act later will affect your future~it will make you satisfied for what you're act just now OR you will cry and blame yourself for acting stupid like you do before..
so,in life, please do remind yourself always to avoid us from doing something bad which can ruin our dignity and personality..
please think about others..
you family, religion,our nation, and our country..
do they happy with your action??
will they hate you with that kind of action..?
i said so because nowadays we can see many cases in TV related to something weird and can be avoid if we think twice before acting..
I also wants to remind myself and all of us to think before act..

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armandpullupjumper93 said...

plus+dont throw babies around..
They are cute right?
That is a good enough reason.peace