04 April 2011

Wondering a picture of my future..

As all of you now, today is already 04 April 2011..
The due date for the SPM 2010 candidates fill up their online form to IPTAs via UPU website..
I'm very nervous actually when I check back my form filled with many information about me for the last time..
Especially for the List of IPTAs I have chosen..
because I can feel a burden on my shoulder when I'm trying to make a very very very appropriate decisions for my course..
I have to think cook-cook (^_^) before I send the form..
Besides, I could cry just because of it..
It is not easy to think about the best for our life..
But I hope everything goes smoothly.
Life must go on..
and I must be a brave girl because I have to..
I admit that the courses I chose is not quite professional, but that is my ability..
I change it into something more professional.
No need to follow others..
You have your own life..
So, go through your life with your spirit and confidence..
The ability of each man is different.
Pray for the best..
We can only plan, but GOD ordain

*Pardon me if my English is too bad. I just tried.

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