29 November 2011

Tired : Conclusion for today.. : )

Assalamualaikum..Happy Tuesday peoples!
Today, my entry gonna tell you about how my life going Today!
haha...Well , today totally full, packed, tough day according to my time table..
Class starts at 0800 am.. Early in the morning already woke up..
After a long journey coming back UTHM yesterday night...
Thus morning was my ' Literasi Komputer ' class..
Actually, I really don't know what this subject is about..
Because it takes our morning time to long..
you know? From 0800 am till 1250 pm..huh..
Can you all imagine how my backbone feels on that time? hahaha..
So damn 'lenguh'!!!
hehehe...Well, after that, break time!
'lepak' ing at Arked..
Next class would be start on 0200 pm...
ermmm....chapter : Function
Just know the basic things...
Blurred when it comes to a Graph *forgot its name
Round round over here and there like a roller coaster..hehe
That time I'm already surrender, Just try my best to understand what my lecturer talk front there
*my lecturer actually did not recover her fever since past friday.. PITY hER.. :(
Now, I'm at my room, ready for my mandarin class tonite...
Hope, I would not be a sleeper tonite in my class yeah? hahaha hope so,
So, till we meet again! Assalamualaikum~~

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