23 March 2012

Sleep Late ?? You should read this !

Hello sweetie ! Alhamdulillah , tomorrow gonna be my last paper , Mandarin language . And I hope I'll do it at my best tomorrow ! InsyaAllah ~~
Today I'm gonna write about ' Don't always sleep late ! '
Translate ? ' Jangan selalu tidur lambat ! '
I dunno where I've got the idea from.
Maybe becoz I'm late to bed tonite..Yeah , I guess ... :)
So this entry is just to give some info to me as well to the readers..
I'm sure that most of us , espcially students always love to stay up late and sometimes didn't sleep at all * how can you 'tahan' stay up so late huh ?
hehe... Well , some students stay up late for many reasons
Skype-ing , facebook-ing , Studying , watching movies all nite , Cannot sleep ??? Blogging , main DOTA , menikmati malam bulan mengambang ??? etc... hahaha
Well , do you know what is the process done by our body during our sleep at night ?
This is the 'story' :

at evening around 9 - 11 pm
  • this is the time where our body will eliminate unnecessary and toxic substances in our body. This time duration should be spend with any relax activities such as listening music *sleep ? hehe
Night 11 - 1 am
  • In process in the liver named detoxification process which should be done in deep sleep state. Means , tidur yang lena atau nyenyak.. Pada time ni lah , organ hati kita melakukan proses ni..
early morning 5 - 7 am
  • at this stage , detoxification will continue in the colon ... Well , you should empty your bowel before sleep !
morning 7 - 9 am
  • nutrients will be absorbed by the small intestine . That's why it is very crucial for us to have breakfast at this time . To give us a little more energy after a long-complicated process during your sleep at night.
Now you now , that sleeping too late and waking up too late will disrupt the process of removing unnecessary chemicals in your body . So , it is normal that after a person woke up , they'll feel like wanna go to the toilet . We should remove those faeces because it contain the toxic that already been process to be eliminated from our body.

Kesan / effect tido lambat / sleep late ZzZzZz ~~~
  1. May cause breast cancer . This is becoz , hormone like melatonin * I hope the spelling is correct huh ?* the hormone is not stable . Maybe over-produced or less.. *dunno why .. :)
  2. and of course the eyebag will appear ! * most girls hate it right ?!
  3. There will be a problem called ' masalah tak dpt tidur OR susah tidur ' Do you ever heard about Insomnia ?!
  4. You'll be lazy to do work maybe becoz not enough sleep *always feel sleepy !
  5. effect your health ! well it is too specific to be elaborate ... Mr. Gentle Google may help you to know more ya !
  6. Your body weight will increase ! An experiment already be conducted by a team of experts which state that person who sleep less than 6 hours will tend to have obesity.. hooooo...
  7. Depression ! Lack of sleep can cause stress , poor emotional control , and mental fatigue !
Actually there are many more effects that I didn't mentioned above... This is the common efect that we always have... As a Muslim , we have our Doa before sleep.. So , my eyes already getting closer ...Sleepy oredi ! Good nite alls ! :)

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ok tahnks for the information....nice post teha!!....keep blogging....(yang benar -azwa-)

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