30 October 2013

Trip to Teluk Ramunia

Teha . Wanie . Put Put . Kay . Farah Ain . Maria . Fiera . Miran . Wani Hassan

A most unforgettable moment with them.
Acting like kids, craving for some freedom from assignments and classes relief stress from tests also after an extra boring entrepreneur seminar for one whole day on Saturday.

Semua ombak kita langgar !

2 cars : Persona + Saga (Mujur tak pancit)

Compilation of pictures we took. Of course hundreds of them. But, this is the best one I think ^^

May our relationship will last hereafter untill Jannah. Amiinn.

Before mandi mandi. Kita makan dulu. Kasi alas ini tummy.

Semua dah penat kejar ombak so terdampar jadik dugong masing - masing. 

This is me. Please dont say anything :)

Ni lah kitorang bila jumpa kamera. Tak boleh dok diam. 

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