31 August 2014

1Night before Minggu Haluan Siswa 2014/2015


Tomorrow is the day.
Tomorrow is the beginning of MHS for 2014/2015 intake.

I am in the list of 200++ 'pembantu MHS'
And I am so grateful for the opportunities Allah has given to me.

Plus, you know 
I am in a team of Protocol unit.

Ermm, might be a serious team.

Hard time to laugh often. 
Serious is our policy. 
Yeah like that.

Because we are handling quite many big event 
that we must make sure these events run smooth and steady.

Well, according to the work distributed by our unit leader,
I will be the emcee for 2 event. 
Not a big one
But, enough to make me shiver chill till the bone marrow !
Oh my Allah.

 This is my first experience actually 
participating programme under university 
like managing the whole event with 200++ team members.

Above are the merchandise we've got for some memories.

A tag and a shirt.

Major colour Blue Red and White. 
With a lil bit Black for collar and some wording.

JDT inspired I guess.
Or maybe Independence Day theme.

You guys, please pray for our programme this week.
A tough days ahead to be faced.

A little shorty girl gonna be an emcee ?
Ahah !

 So, petang tadi terfikir nak beli high heels 
Kasi nampak that I am taller than the podium.

Decide, then terus ON pergi BP mall 
And I am very very calm to choose which one heels that I want

I bought one.
Really attract me with its simplicity.
 Plus, not so high-heels.

Okeyh bloggers.

Let this beauty rest.

Esok nak ber'event' suda 
tata Salam Alaik ^^

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