08 August 2014



Everything went very well and smooth. 
Good and bad things happen from time to time since I am not updating any of my news here in blog.

And now I am learning how to accept and forgive. 
I will try to forget but it takes time. 

Allah menguji saya.

I know something BIG gonna happen every seconds ahead. 
And that is why I remained silent and patient.

Jika bukan kerana adanya Allah
aku pasti dah jatuh tersungkur dan tak kenal erti bangun semula.

Allah yang bantu aku.

Aku mengeluh pada Allah.
Aku menangis pada Allah.
Aku mengadu pada Allah.
Aku minta tolong pada Allah.

Aku jarang ada masalah yang serius.

Ya, yang serius
 pergaduhan, bermasam muka, sakit hati

Dan sekarang aku alami ini.

Two of my friends left me. 

Yeah, maybe you will feel better without me.
Then I will go. Away.

I will not frequently surround you anymore.
I will not ever care about you anymore.
But, the problem is I STILL CARE !!

I will always lend you my hand whenever you need me.

I will not bear a grudge with you both.
Never ever. 
Because once before, you both have a special place here in my heart.
One as a bestfriend, and another one is my extreme bestfriend.

Why extreme ? 
because long long before 
I am the one who feel so special when I was his girl.

Hah Funny !
Cheer up honey.
Never moody.

I never claim myself perfect.
I am perfectly imperfect.

Sometimes people praised to me.
They say I am beautiful,
they say I am cute
they say I am intelligent 
they say I am generous 
they say I am rich.

Alhamdulillah for all those praises.
Allah guard my disgrace.

I want to express my sincere apologies for people who being so nice with me before.

So nice for me to handle it.

Special p/s for people out there who never know me best.

Better away from me at first.
Or else, you will regret.
I do not need millions friend to surround me
 I just need one that truly know me OR willingly wanted to know me.

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medeyy_thoaliflamba said...

Ololo..tak apa..meh jadi kawan saya meh:)